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There are some aspects that can impact a consumer's purchase decision. Before purchasing a
product or using a service, a consumer will examine a number of things. In addition to this
study, there is an unconscious behaviour carried out by a consumer before making a decision.
According to the previous studies, there is still a lack of research into children as a future market
or the factors that impact parents' purchase decisions for their children. Twenty participants
were subjected to a series of directed in-depth interviews, which were grouped by gender (male
and female) and income (middle low and middle up). This research has been conducted
between October 2021 and January 2022. Researchers discovered that the higher a parent's
income is, the more thoughts they have before purchasing goods or services, and the higher a
parent's educational level is, the more considerations they have before purchasing goods or
services. Before purchasing products or services, parents think about their children's health,
safety, comfort, and educational value of the goods or services.

Keywords: children behaviour; parents’ purchase decision; unconscious behaviour.

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